Welcome to the AIBOT Backtesting System
Discover a New Perspective in Market Analysis: The AIBOT Backtesting System offers a unique platform for testing and refining your token buying or sniping strategies. Diverging from traditional quantitative backtesting methods, we focus on leveraging short-term data analysis to help you swiftly adapt to and understand market fluctuations.

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Fastest BTC Inscriptions tools
Click on "BRC-20 Mint", enter a 4-character inscription for engraving.
You can also click on "PENDING" or "LATEST BLOCK" to view inscriptions minted in the BTC mempool or the last transaction block.
Inscription Configuration:
Confirmation of Inscription Confiquration, including Mint Limit, Mint Progress, Last Mint, Deployment Time, Number of Holders, Repeat Mint Count, Network Fee Options, Receiving Address, and Total BTC Payment. Once confirmed, proceed to the payment page.
Use your preferred BTC wallet to transfer the corresponding amount of BTC to the provided receiving address. Afterward, click the refresh button, and the bot will begin the inscription process for you. You can check the progress of the inscription by refreshing the information multiple times or by viewing the inscription details in the Mempool on the blockchain network.
πŸ’‘ Backtesting πŸ’‘
Example: for sniping tokens, you can simulate backtests based on your judgment criteria to observe profit effects.
Example Demonstration
πŸš€πŸ“Š Strategy_011 Backtesting Results (3-Day Period) πŸ“ˆπŸ”

🌟 Tokens Started Trading: 1331 (in the last 3 days)

Trading Performance:
πŸ›’ Total Buy Orders: 256
πŸ’΅ Single Buy Price: 0.10 ETH per token
🎯 Profit Target: +200%

πŸ† Profit Target Achieved: In 75 out of 256 orders
πŸ’° Profit: 23.485 ETH
πŸ“ˆ Win Rate: 29%
Current Holdings:
πŸͺ™ Tokens Held: 181
πŸ’Ό Combined Value: 11.767 ETH

Net Profit Calculation:
Net Profit = Earned - Cost - Gas

πŸ”’ Cost: 28.546 ETH
πŸ“‰ Earnings: 23.485 ETH (from sales) + 11.767 ETH (current holdings)
β›½ Gas Fees: 2.946 ETH
πŸ” Net Profit: 6.706 ETH
πŸ“Š ROI: 23.49%
When all conditions are met, the backtesting system will simulate a buy,
and when the take profit is triggered, it will simulate a sell.
🎯 Fair Snipe 🎯
Let's win bundles together using aibot for fair sniping! Super easy!
Add contracts you want to snipe The more people, the more we can win first bundles together. If we don't win, we'll move on to the next project.
Here's the key, to prevent crazy bribing, we limit bribes to 0.005 ETH.
Who gets the first spot in the bundle is all luck!
During the event, fair sniping fees only 0.5%.
If you unfortunately rank last, don't fret, during the event aibot will give all fees from this snipe to the last ranked user.
Come, let's win bundles together, the more the merrier, experience super simple fair sniping!
The all-new
Upgraded Copytrade System
Combining lightning-fast speed, personalized strategy configuration, smart monitoring, and unparalleled flexibility, we present you a fast, secure, and highly compatible trading tool. It supports copytrading of regular DEX trades and bot trades, perfectly integrated with Degen Explorer.
How to start copy trading
Basic setup in just 2 steps
Enter the address you want to copytrade. If you don't have one, you can filter it in Degen Explorer.
Configure the trading strategy for the added address, which includes:
1. Which wallet to use to track this address 2. Set the maximum purchase amount (for example, if you set it to 0.1, when a copytrade is triggered, if the original order used 0.1, the trade will also use 0.1, if the original order used 0.3, this trade will use a maximum of 0.1)
πŸŽ‰ Congratulations! Your setup is complete. Now, all you need to do is wait for the trigger.
With AiBot, you can copy mempool trades (turbo mode), copy private node trades, copy Uniswap and other DEX trades. Copy BananaGun player actions, copy Aimbot, and copy more bot operations.
Explore Features
Easy Steps to Start Trading with Aibot on Telegram
Ultra-fast Frontrun
Optimize listening speed for different geographies, Multi-way node submission, maximizing the frontrun snipe win-rate.
Check Audits
The bot will check the security from each transaction: Honeypot, not open source contract, Proxy Contract, Hidden Owner, External Call Risk, Whitelisted, and many other types of scam contract.
Anti-rug Frontrun
Frontrun Sells when rug covers tax changes, liquidity pulls, blacklisting, price changes hard, and many other types of rugs.
The bot supports copy buys and sells, frontrun is the default, and there is no limit to the size of the list of Copytrade list
Copytrade auto check covers very low gas, very low slippage
Pre-purchase screening
Before Copytrade, check to cover liquidity, buy tax, sell tax, and many other types of checks.
Liquidity lockup detection
Check β€œLiquidity locks” before buying
Protection against MEV attacks
You can enable private node to prevent MEV attacks.
Degen Explorer
Get smart money addresses for free, including Ten 3X within 15 days, Top 200 Profit within 3 days, 7-Days Win Rate Ranking, etc.
Multiple wallets Trade
Running multiple wallets in a single trading method
Contract ownership
Check β€œcontract renounced” before buying
Our advantages
Explore a New Frontier in Copytrading: Fast, Accurate, Secure
In the world of blockchain trading, speed and strategy are paramount. We're proud to introduce our brand-new copytrading system - a tool designed for beginners with advanced, professional-grade features. Not only is it fast and reliable, but it's also incredibly smart.

Why choose our copytrading system?

  • Lightning Speed: Whether dealing with mempool transactions or block listening, our system ensures you're ahead in most scenarios for successful trades.
  • Personalized Strategy Configurations: Every copytrading address is unique - we allow users to configure wallets, rules, and maximum trade amounts individually for each address, providing unparalleled flexibility.
  • Smart Listening: The system automatically identifies the fastest listening method and snipes swiftly.
  • Comprehensive Trading Strategies: Whether you want to replicate buying or selling, we've got you covered.
  • Perfect Blend of Security and Speed: Our system automatically selects the optimal trading node based on the original order's slippage strategy, ensuring your trades are both fast and secure.
  • Wide Compatibility: In addition to replicating regular DEX trades, we also support replicating bot trades (like Bananabot, UniBot, AiMBot).
  • Unleash More Possibilities: Each copytrade order supports automatic stop loss and take profit, with a variety of pre-trade conditions configurable before triggering a trade. Plus, we're constantly refining our features for an ever-improving user experience.
  • Seamless Integration with Degen Explorer: Leverage the powerful Degen Explorer database to filter trade data from across the web, analyze high-profitability addresses, and update daily. We also offer a convenient feature that allows you to easily add addresses to the copytrading list.
Upcoming Features
Features in development for improved functionality.
Limit Orders
Enables you to set a specific price at which you want to buy or sell the tokens. This feature provides you with greater control over your trades.
AI Auto Track Mode
Our advanced AI will automatically track and analyze the market trends to inform your trading decisions, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
Automatic Stop Loss/Stop Gain
Our advanced AI will automatically track and analyze the market trends to inform your trading decisions, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.
Racking Telegram Calls Groups
Stay updated with the latest trading calls directly from various Telegram groups. This feature will allow you to follow market trends and make informed decisions promptly.
Cross-Chain Applications
We are expanding our services to other blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Arbitrum (ARB), providing you with a more diverse trading environment.
Presale Sniping
Get ahead of the crowd by securing your position in token presales. This feature will give you an edge in the highly competitive presale environment.
Leveraged Trading
Amplify your trading results with leveraged trading. This feature allows you to multiply your exposure to a financial asset without increasing the investment that you’re required to deposit.
Aibot Tokenomics
  1. 5% tax
  2. 100% added to liquidity
  3. Liquidity locked
  4. 60% distributed to token holders

(Claim: Need to use @aibotsniper_bot once to trigger)


Our concept: The future of trading is delegated to AI. Everything becomes hands-off, with AI automatically changing trackers based on on-chain address data, autonomously selecting and targeting tokens for sniping. Although this might sound like a pipe dream, it's precisely the direction we're heading in. This also explains our choice of the name 'aibot'. For now, we need to first establish a robust infrastructure and ensure that the bot is simple to use and offers unmatched speed.

Stages: Stage 1: Strong core trading infrastructure
Stage 2: Use AI to track project details and find alpha opportunities.
Stage 3: AI intelligent task scheduling
Stage 4: Fully automated private AI trading system

FIs the wallet created or imported by the robot safe?
QYes, all private keys are encrypted with AES, ensuring the utmost security on our servers.
FOther security concerns
QTo ensure your Telegram's safety, please enable two-factor authentication. If you generate a wallet through the robot, do not share your private key with anyone and make sure to store it in a secure location
FHow do you find high-win-rate players?
QWe filter data from the blockchain from multiple angles. For example, we might look at addresses that have profited more than three times from five tokens within 30 days. We also rank addresses based on their profits within seven days. You can track and copy trades from any addresses that you find promising.
FCan I profit from copying their trades?
QLike all trading, profits and losses are possible. Even a player with a good historical record cannot guarantee that their next trade will be profitable.
FHow can I buy a token manually?
QClick on 'Buy Token' in the main menu, select the wallet you want to use, set the purchase amount, and then input the contract. We will complete the purchase operation at a very fast speed.
FHow to automate token buy?
QUse our copytrade feature, select the address to track, set up your trading wallet, and wait for the trade to occur.
FAutomatic selling or manual selling?
QWe support both automatic and manual selling of tokens. Automatic selling is typically used in copy trading mode. Another type of automatic selling is enabled through Rug checks, which automatically sell when liquidity is withdrawn or the sell tax changes. You can also manually sell the tokens in your wallet, which is very convenient. Just go to the 'Sell Token' option and select the corresponding sell ID to execute the sale.
FHow much should I deposit to start trading?
QWe suggest starting with 0.05 - 0.1 ETH
FHow to transfer ETH?
QIn the main menu, select 'Transfer ETH', choose which wallet to transfer from and transfer to, set the amount, and click 'Send Transfer'.
FHow to set up a copy trade
Q It's quite simple and can be done in three steps:

1. Click on 'Copytrade' in the main menu.
2. Click 'Add Address' to add a tracking address.
3. Select a wallet that has a balance (if the balance is insufficient, please transfer in some funds first).

With this, the robot will keep real-time track of the address in the background. As soon as a transaction occurs, the robot will copy the trade, and with high probability, it will frontrun the transaction to maximize its profits.
FContract Security Detection
QIn the extended feature settings, you can enable the contract fraud detection option. This helps prevent you from buying high-risk tokens, such as honeypots, non-open-source contracts, proxy contracts, hidden owners, those with external calls, or those with a whitelist mechanism.
FCan I copy sell trades?
QOf course, we support copy selling. In the copy trading options, you can simply click to turn on the copy sell switch. More advanced settings can be configured in the "More" section.
FHow many copy trades can I add?
QLimited to 20.
FAbout the slippage in copytrade
QCopytrade, especially front-running a copy trade, is a real test of the robot's speed. We try to eliminate factors that affect speed. Therefore, we use a default slippage setting similar to Uniswap when copy trading. Of course, you can manually configure the slippage when you trade manually
FAbout gas configuration
QCopy trading is an entirely automatic process handled by the robot, including gas configuration. We dynamically adjust the gas configuration based on the tracker and the current gas configuration in the block to meet the need of winning the front-run with high probability, including MAX GAS and tip GAS.
FWhat is the amount for each copy trade?
QWe provide a Max ETH setting, where you can configure your maximum copy trade amount. For example, if you set 0.1 ETH, and the trade you are copying bought 0.05 ETH, you will also buy 0.05 ETH. If the trade you are copying bought 0.2 ETH, the maximum amount you will use to copy this trade is 0.1 ETH, which won't exceed your maximum setting
FAbout Preventing MEV Attacks
QWe provide a private node to prevent MEV attacks. Once enabled, this can help avoid sandwich and front-running attacks. However, please note that enabling this will slow down the transaction speed and lose the ability to front-run.
FWhy can't the wallet be activated?
QThere are two situations where the wallet cannot be activated:
1. the copy trade list has not been added
2. the wallet balance is insufficient.
FWhy does frontrun occasionally fail?
QWe have optimized frontrun success from a geographic, network and hardware perspective. However, failures can still occur, usually when the copy and frontrun transactions don't make it into the same block.
The timing of the copied trade entering the blockchain determines the available frontrun window, regardless of system speed. If the original trade is committed late in the block cycle, there may not be enough time left to frontrun, even at maximum speed. This results in a failed frontrun.
Competition from others bidding higher gas fees can also get their transactions packaged first.
We continually optimize to maximize frontrun success rates. But occasional failures can still occur due to block space limits and competition.
FAbout automatically creating a wallet
QAfter you first enter the robot, a wallet will be created. In subsequent usage, you can create or import two more wallets. Currently, aibot supports automated buying and selling with up to three wallets simultaneously. Perhaps in the future, we'll increase this limit.
FAbout multi-wallet operation
QCurrently, we support simultaneous operations for up to three wallets.
FAbout the private key
QTo view the private key of the robot-created wallet, go to: Menu - Settings - Show private key. You can also import an existing private key into the robot.
FHow does this work?
QWe monitor the memory pool and execute front-run sales as soon as a Rug event occurs. Specific scenarios include the withdrawal of liquidity, adjustment of selling tax, blacklisting, drastic price fluctuations, etc. We're also continually adding more Rug scenarios.
FIs the bot free?
QThe bot is free to access, but not free to use.Buying through the AiBoT (manually or automatically) will be charged a 1% tax on every buy and sell. Holding 500 tokens unlocks a 50% fee discount.
FHow to Claim Holder Rewards?
QVisit and link the website using your wallet address holding the tokens: https://rewards.aibot.app/
If the wallet address linked to the claim website is from the bot, and you have used the bot before, you can directly click WITHDRAW to claim the rewards.

If the wallet address linked to the claim website is not from the bot, you need to associate it with the bot first. Follow these steps:
1) Click Link Telegram in the top right - Sign Message - Obtain Signature Code
2) Open Aibot telegram bot - Go to Settings - Choose Connect Wallet - Input Signature Code
3) Return to claim page and click WITHDRAW to claim.

1. You must complete one operation on the bot before claiming, e.g. buying, selling, or copy trading.
2. Holder rewards are tallied in 4 hour cycles.
Copyright @2023 AiBoT.